Awareness raising, education and public participation

Why it is important?

Information sharing and awareness raising, as well as environmental education, have been identified as key areas in working towards sustainable development, notably by Agenda 21. Indeed, education, access to information and awareness raising help to promote public participation in decision making, ultimately determining the direction of development and the state of the environment.

Article 13 of the Convention recognizes public participation as an overarching principle which should be applied throughout the implementation of the Convention. Environmental education, awareness and access to information are prerequisites of participation in decision making on environmental issues and are fundamental for the implementation of the Convention. All of civil society has to be involved - joint efforts of the national governments, local authorities, the business community, NGOs, journalists, teachers, and even school-children are needed.


  • Northern Alliance for Sustainability ANPED link
  • Carpathian Sustainable Education Network CASALEN link
  • Environment and School Initiatives ENSI link
  • Green Dossier link

Key documents

  • ANPED recommendations for public participation in the framework of the Carpathian Convention download
  • Move 4 Nature Tool Kit download
  • Big Foot. Crossing Generations, Crossing Mountains - Transferability Tool Kit download
  • Intergenerational Learning and Innovation for Sustainable Development. Big Foot Final Conference Proceedings. download
  • Innovation in Rural Tourism  - InRuTou Trandferability Manual download 
  • InRuTou Final Publication download


Centralparks - The Carpathians belong to the most important European eco-regions. Biodiversity loss and increasing pressures threaten its outstanding natural values. Traditional approaches to resource management and nature conservation are no longer sufficient to guarantee long-lasting economic benefits and provision of ecosystem services. 

Duration: 2019 - 2022


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Innovation in Rural Tourism

Duration: December 2012 - November 2015


BigFoot Logo

BigFoot Project - Crossing mountains, crossing generations

Duration: 2011-2013


Move4Nature logo

Move 4 Nature ESD – Teacher training programme on Education on Sustainable Development

Duration: 2008 - 2011



Carpathian Project - Protection and Sustainable Development in the Carpathians in a Transnational Framework

Duration: 2005 - 2008