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General objectives of the CHI

The general objective of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory is to help protect and develop cultural heritage in the Carpathian region and include it into all aspects of the region’s development.

The Inventory should reflect Carpathian values, increase the reputation of the region as well as its diversity, support the notion of its uniqueness and strengthen community life.

At the national level, the Inventory should help exchange experiences between active people, share good and interesting practices, examples, and inspiration.

At the international level it aims towards the recognition of the Carpathians as a self-standing and compact region, the recognition of the “Carpathian Space” meaning and value. It should be shared by all Carpathian states and support cooperation and understanding between them.

The Inventory should assist in maintaining the balance between social and economic development and environmental protection, improvement of lifestyles and well being of local people while preserving natural resources and ecosystems.

Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and practices could have positive influence on the whole Carpathians SES (social-ecological system).

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