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What is the CHI?

Basic ideas of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory

1.    The Inventory is open and non-elite.
The opinion for an open and wide list, covering up everything what the local communities appreciate and, in their opinion, deserves recognition, prevailed at stakeholder consultations against the opinion to present what is the most valuable from a general point of view. It should be possible to change and supplement the Inventory continuously.

2.    The Inventory is simple and understandable.

    The Inventory is innovative.
The list has to be created innovatively, which means it has to combine preservation and protection of the heritage (cultural values) with sustainable development of the region.

4.    The Inventory identifies risks and problems which go hand in hand with protection of the heritage.

5.    The Inventory includes spontaneous activities and voluntary projects.
In order to keep the diversity and variety of the traditional culture, it is very important to present spontaneous folk activities having the aspect of conservation and development of the heritage.  Supporting the small (and often voluntary) associations, which have worse chances to receive funding, is of great importance.

6.    The Inventory does NOT present only easily identifiable items of the Carpathian cultural heritage.
The list shows also the less known and worse accessible attractions/practices in the region.

7.    The Inventory presents traditional culture in its on-going development.
The Inventory reflects the today’s world and shows good examples of heritage worth to be developed sustainably in the future (for example: regional fruit varieties, organic farming, regional products, new buildings built in a traditional style, etc.). Current forms of old traditions reflect the people and their ways of life in the Carpathian region.

8.    The Inventory offers an authentic and natural image of the Carpathian cultural heritage.
The Inventory shows traditions, which do not distort their natural form (traditions do not exist because of media and public presentation).

9.    The Inventory supports cultural development, particularly where it has stagnated.

10.  The inventories are designed for each country separately but shared and discussed at the international level.
National inventories should seek what is common for all or most of the Carpathian countries, thus encouraging cooperation and partnership. States should at the same time contribute with items, which are typical for them from the Carpathian viewpoint.

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