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Background of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory

What is the CHI?

Basic ideas of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory
1.    The Inventory is open and non-elite.The opinion for an open and wide list, covering up everything what the local communities…more info

General objectives of the CHI

The general objective of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory is to help protect and develop cultural heritage in the Carpathian region and include it into all aspects of the region’s development.
The Inventory should reflect Carpathian values, increase the reputation of the region as well as its diversity, support the notion of…more info

Use of the CHI

How can and should the Carpathian Heritage Inventory be used?
•it is an instrument safeguarding protection and fostering sustainable development of Carpathian cultural heritage  •it is the basis for creation and…more info


Carpathian Heritage has been the focus of many small and large scale activities and projects, including the ANPED Pilot Actions Project.
Consultations and pilot testing of creating and building up of the  Carpathian Heritage Inventory were held in 2007 – 2011 in…more info
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