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Categories of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory


Based on consultations with ethnographers and experts working in Carpathian museums, the following categories of Carpathian Heritage were proposed:

iko_1rtxt14671.gif Nature Care
iko_2rtxt14670.gif Traditional farming and lifestyle (Traditional livelihood)
iko_3rtxt14669.gif Food
iko_4rtxt14668.gif Handicrafts
iko_5rtxt14674.gif Folk architecture
iko_6rtxt14673.gif Folk costumes
iko_7rtxt14672.gif Ceremonies, customs, rites
iko_8rtxt14675.gif Decorative art
iko_9rtxt14676.gif Language and oral tradition
iko_10rtxt14677.gif Folk music
iko_11rtxt14678.gif Folk dance
iko_12rtxt14679.gif Historical monuments
iko_13rtxt14680.gif Spiritual culture
iko_14rtxt14681.gif Other

Data listed to the concrete items

(including current state)
Threats and problems 
Date of entry + source
Contact („patron“)
Communication language
(site name and GIS coordinates)
Access (access for public, including sensitivity to promotion)
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