Fourth Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee Meeting

05.12.2012 - 07.12.2012

Vienna, Austria


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Alpine Carpathian Corridor (AKK) - UPDATES


Alpine Climate Change projects


BIOREGIO Carpathians

Carpathian Climate Change projects pdf
INRUTOU project pdf
Progress Report pdf

Scenario Permanent Secretariat costs


Big Foot project


Working Documents

Meeting Report pdf
Annex 1 Agenda pdf
Annex 2 Signature and Ratifiction Status pdf
Annex 3 Progress Report pdf
Annex 4 CCIC Decisions pdf
Annex 5 CC Meetings 2012-2014 pdf
Draft Agenda pdf
Programme pdf
Status of Signatures and Ratification pdf
National Report on the implemetation of the protocol on conservation and sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity to the framework convention on the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians pdf
Joint Declaration of the ICPDR Tisza Group and the Framework Convention on the Protection and the Sustainable Development of the Carpathians  (represented by UNEP Vienna – Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention) on the sustainable development of the Tisza River Basin Within the Carpathian region pdf
Criteria for the selection of the Carpathian Convention Permanent Secretariat location pdf

Information Documents


Inf. 1 CC Implementation Report


Inf. 2 Carpathian Lists ToR Experts


Inf. 2 Carpathian Lists Methodologies


Inf. 3 MOU Carpathian Integrated Biodiversity Information System draf


Inf. 4 Programme 2nd CNPA Conference draft pdf
Inf. 5 CNPA Unit TORs Slovakia pdf
Inf. 6 Priority actions for the Carpathian Space pdf
Inf. 7 Carpathian Memorandum pdf
Inf. 8 2nd Conference Krynica conclusions pdf
Inf. 9 Alpine Carpathian Cooperation Forum pdf
Inf. 10 Forest Protocol SAP draft pdf
Inf. 11 Protocol on Sustainable Transport and Infrastructure all track changes draft pdf
Zbyszek and A Sieminski comments draft pdf
Inf. 12 AKK MoU Final signed pdf
Inf. 13 CEEweb STWG Statement on the Carpathian Tourism Strategy pdf
Inf. 14 Meeting CC EEA S4Cminutes_draft pdf
Inf. 15 2nd Forum Carpaticum Report pdf
Inf. 16 MoU CC S4C pdf
Inf. 17 FP7 National Contact Points pdf
Inf. 18 PA6 SG Kick Off Meeting minutes_final pdf
Inf. 19 2nd PA6 SG Meeting minutes_final pdf
Inf. 20 Note from the presidency of EU 2011 pdf
Inf. 21 The Future We Want pdf
Inf. 22 Side events Rio+20 pdf
Inf. 23 Brief Eastern Europe pdf
Inf. 24 Regional Report Mountains Rio+20 EUROPE pdf
Inf. 25 CC Meetings 2012-2014 pdf
Inf. 26 27 Trust Fund pdf
Inf. 28 Climate Change Strategic Agend Matrix draft pdf
Inf. 28 Climate Change Strategic Agenda draft pdf
Inf. 29 Report 1st Bureau COP3 Bratislava FINAL pdf
Inf. 30 CC Permanent Secretariat selection criteria Comments CZ pdf
Inf. 31 CC Permanent Secretariat selection criteria FINAL for CCIC 2012 pdf

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