Sixth Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee


Brussels, Belgium



The Sixth Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 24. November 2015.

The Meeting will be kindly hosted in the premises of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union in Brussels. Logistic information will follow in due course.

Official Documents 




Annotated Agenda  


COP4 Decisions 


Status of Signature and Ratification of the Protocols to the Carpathian Convention                     


List of the Carpathian Convention Meetings 2015 - 2017 


Information of the Czech Republic to the Council of the European Union on COP4

Note on the UNEP evaluation of the Carpathian Project  pdf



Progress Report and related documents


Draft Progress Report_rev1 


Doc. 1 - Letter on possible partnership between the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and the Carpathian Convention 

Doc. 2 - Meeting Report - Joint Working Groups on Biodiversity and on Spatial Development, Poland, October 2014 pdf
Doc.3. - Memorandum of Understanding between CC and ANPAA - CNPA doc
Doc. 4 - Map delimitating the Carpathians in the Czech Republic pdf
Doc. 5 - Local administrative units implementing the Carpathian Convention in the Czech Republic xls
Doc. 6 - Letter from Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic - Delimitation of the Carpathians_17 July 2015 pdf
Doc. 7 - Letter from Ministry of the Environment of Poland - Expansion of implementation of the Carpathian Convention pdf
Doc. 8 - Invitation to the Expert Workshop on Macro-regional Strategies and Mountain Dimension, Brussels, 25 November 2015 pdf
Doc. 9 - Tisza Declaration  pdf
Doc. 10 - Meeting Report - Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, Serbia, April2015 pdf
Doc. 11 - Protocol on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development - draft  doc
Doc. 12 - Meeting Report - WG on Sustainable Tourism, Serbia, November 2014 pdf
Doc. 13 - Meeting Report - WG on Sustainable Tourism, Hungary, May 2015 pdf
Doc. 14 - Terms of Reference for the Working Group on Sustainable Tourism - final_rev doc
Doc. 15 - National Report on the Implementation of the Tourism Protocol - draft  doc
Doc. 16 - Project concept CarpathianTourism Strategy pdf
Doc. 17 - Letter from Romania on the Tourism Task Force CC pdf
Doc. 18 - Protocol on Cultural Heritage and Traditional Knowledge - draft, rev 2015 doc
Doc. 19 - Partnership Agreement between EEA and SCC including Joint Work Plan 2014 - 2015  pdf
Doc. 20 - EEA - SCC Joint Work Plan for 2016 – 2017 doc
Doc. 21 - ESD in the Carpathian Countries: Potentials for cooperation among the Carpathian Convention and the UNECE Steering Committee on ESD. Summary Report and Outlook doc
Doc. 22 - Meeting Report - Working Group on Adaptation Climate Change, Hungary, October 2015 pdf
Doc. 23 - WG Climate Change Strategic Action Plan for development of project ideas in the Carpathian region - first draft doc
Doc. 24 - Terms of References for the Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change including comments from RO and PL doc
Doc. 25 - Carpathian Red List of Forest Habitats and Species and the Carpathian List of Invasive Alien Species - draft pdf
Doc. 26 - – Red List of the Carpathian Non-forest Habitats pdf
Doc. 27 - Carpathian Convection and EUSDR PAs Coordination - Joint synergy paper and draft Memorandum of Cooperation for the EUSDR Implementation doc
Doc. 28 - Agenda - Expert Workshop on Mountain dimension in the Danube region, the case of the Carpathians. Challenges and opportunities for regional cooperation in mountain areas, Brussels, 25 Nov pdf

Doc. 29 - Project Platform

Doc. 30 - Structures for Databases of Financial Instruments, Tourismus Projects, Handbooks and Guidelines to Support (sustainable) Tourism Development in the Carpathian Regions pdf
Doc. Draft Terms of Reference for the Common Sustainable Tourism Coordination Platform pdf

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