Tenth Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee

11.12.2019 - 13.12.2019

Budapest, Hungary


10th CCIC Meeting Report

CCIC Meeting Agenda

CCIC List of the Meetings

The 10th meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee was held on 11 – 13 December in Budapest, Hungary at the premises of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. This CCIC meeting was considered to be a crucial one to path for a successful 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention (COP6) in autumn 2020 in Poland. Therefore, the presence of all the Parties and strategic Observers and Partners to the Carpathian Convention was encouraged.

The CCIC meeting was organized with a generous support of the Hungarian Presidency and the Secretariat would like extend thanks for substantial and financial contribution, especially to the Ministry of Agriculture.


Progress Report 2019
Presentations delivered at the 10th CCIC meeting:
Update from S4C_Forum Carpaticum
Activities of the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Region, Poland
Proposal for the UA-RO Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Designation in the Maramures
Cooperation with International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
Presentation of the Centralparks project
Presentation of the ConnectGREEN_SaveGREEN projects
Presentation of the TRANSGREEN project
Cooperation with EUSDR PA4 and PA5_ICPDR Tisza Group
Presentation of the project proposal - Carpathian Route
Presentation on the Forest activities - Cooperation with EEA_ ETC_ULS
Presentations on the Carpathian Seminar on ESD
Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform - Interim Report 2019
Presentation on the WG Climate Change activities
Intervention by Free Svydovets Initiative Group


Documents related to the Progress Report 2019:

Doc. 1 - Draft of guidelines and reporting template of comprehensive National Report on Implementation of the Carpathian Convention 
Doc. 2 - Workshop on minimizing the negative impacts of power lines on birds – workshop report

Doc. 3 - Committee of the Regions’ Opinion on the EU Macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian Region


Doc. 5 - Carpathian Convention - Post2020 Framework - WORKING DOCUMENT_DRAFT

Doc. 6 - Policy brief -Elevating Mountains_Post-2020 Framework

Doc. 7 - 9th WG Biodiversity – Meeting Report

Doc. 8 - Biodiversity National Reports – SCC Review

Doc. 9 - Large Carnivores Action Plan - Draft

Doc. 10 - Background document - Projects relevant for the Carpathian Convention WG Biodiversity

Doc. 11 - CWI priorities of the CWI work for 2019 – 2024

Doc. 12 - Draft work plan and activities of CWI planned for Year 2019

Doc. 13 - Combating on wildlife and forest crime in the Danube Carpathian Region - booklet

Doc. 14 - Towards implementation of SARD Protocol – table

Doc. 15 - 7th WG Forest – Meeting Report 

Doc. 16 - 9th WG Transport -Meeting Report

Doc. 17 - Transport Strategic Action Plan – Draft

Doc. 18 -  S4C workshop at WG Biodiversity - Report

Doc. 19 - 6th WG Climate Change – Meeting Report

Doc. 20 - DISCUSSION_PAPER_Carpathian Network Platform – DRAFT

Doc. 21 - Elevating the Mandate of the CC Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change- Presidency discussion paper

Doc. 22 - ESD Seminar – Report

Doc. 23 - ROAD MAP - Cultural Heritage

Doc.24 - Draft MoC CSTP Centre Poland - SCC approved by Poland


Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform - Interim Report

Memorandum of Cooperation_Euromontana - SCC Carpathian Convention_FINAL DRAFT


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