Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum

13.09.2014 - 14.09.2014

Rzeszow, Poland

Third edition of the international fair-conference event „Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum” will be held in Rzeszów in Regional Sports and Exhibition Centre “Podpromie Hall” named of Jan Strzelczyk on the 13th and 14th of September 2014.

„Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum” is the largest fair-conference venture in Central and Easter Europe, which shows the potential of Carpathian area and cooperation of functioning on it entities of the organizations, institutions and companies in the Alpine regions, as well as other parts of Europe. Encouraged by the success of the two previous editions which took place involving a total of more than 230 exhibitors, thousands of visitors and many  guests from Poland and abroad,the organizers procced to the organization of the next - third edition.

This year’s „Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum” will be under the banner „The Carpathians- between mysticism and intelligent development” and will be dedicated to the inauguration of the Carpathian Brand "CARPATHIA" -  an innovative territorial brand of the Carpathians envisaged by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland together with the Institute of Tourism in Sierre.


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