Forum Carpaticum 2021: Special Session and workshop on Forest ecosystem vulnerabilities to climate change in the Carpathians


Online meeting

Workshop Report

Special Session and workshop on Forest ecosystem vulnerabilities to climate change in the Carpathians was organized within the Forum Carpaticum 2021 on 22 June 2021 by Mr. William Keeton, University of Vermont and Member of the Science for the Carpathians, and the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention. See the description of the session and the workshop. 

The Special Session and workshop was opened to all interested partners and stakeholders, including the Member and Observers of the Working Group on Climate Change and the Working Group on Sustainable Forest Management. While we expect active contribution by national experts designated by the Parties, who delivered short presentations) during the workshop, all participants were welcomed to share their expertise and knowledge during planned discussions at the event. 

The Special Session and workshop held on 22 June 2021 in an online format, shall lay the foundation and facilitate organization of work regarding elaboration of an assessment of the impacts of climate change on the Carpathian forests and their ecosystems.

The Special Session consisted of two parts, a morning session providing several scientific presentations relevant to the topic of the assessment, and an afternoon workshop, which helped to define the scope, goals, possible methodologi

Country presentations delivered during the Workshop:

Presentation by Czech Republic 

Presentation by Hungary 

Presentation by Poland 

Presentation by Romania 

Presentation by Slovakia

Presentation by Ukraine 

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