Mountains of Waste - Celebration of the International Mountain Day 2016



Vienna, Austria

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As the human footprint on mountains continues to grow globally, so does the amount of waste, which affects the health of mountain communities and ecosystems, tarnishes stunning landscapes, and endangers clean supplies of water for large downstream populations. There is a strong need to increase knowledge and awareness on waste issues in mountain regions, and possible solutions. 

The “Mountains of waste” event will present key findings from the Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions and provide a platform for discussions. The Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions identifies waste management challenges and solutions for mountain regions to guide policy makers and the international mountain community. It places particular emphasis on mountain regions outside Europe and North America. 

Please celebrate with us the International Mountain Day and share your views and experiences with regards to waste issues in mountains! 

The event will be held in English!

Free entrance!

To attend the event please register under the following link until 5 of December 2016: 


Please note that to enter the Vienna International Centre you will need to present a valid ID. 




Opening Remarks
Keith Alverson, Director, UN Environment – International Environment
Technology Centre (UNEP IETC)
Matthias Jurek, Programme Officer, UN Environment

Presentation of key findings of Outlook
Larisa Semernya, Technical Expert, UN Environment
Björn Alfthan, Programme Leader, GRID-Arendal

Panel Discussion
Dr. Roland Maruna, Alpinist, Alpine Club Austria
Walter Hauer, Waste Expert, Alpine Club Austria
Aditi Ramola, Waste Expert, ISWA

Opening of “The Alpine-Carpathian photo exhibition”
Georg Tappeiner, Photographer, National Geographic
Paolo Angelini, Head of Italian Delegation to the Alpine Convention,
Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea

Film Screening
“Waste Mandala” by A. Bernard & P. Ceretto, 2005, Italy

13:30 in VIC Cinema Room


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