Second Forum Carpaticum

30.05.2012 - 02.06.2012

Starà Lesnà, Slovakia

 From Data to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Action

An interdisciplinary mountain platform for scientists, representatives from policy, economy, and management, interested in the Carpathian mountains. It is organized by the S4C initiative, the network of Carpathian scientists.

The Carpathian Convention has been present with a Workshop on the interaction between Carpathian science and politics. A special focus was set on the implementation of the Biodiversity Protocol.

A MoU between the S4C and the Carpathian Convention has been signed.

Related documents and background information:

Signed MoU download
About the signature of the MoU between the Carpathian Convention and S4C link

UNEP Vienna - ISCC, Mr. Egerer, presentation "The Carpathian Convention - A platform for Interaction between Carpathian science and policy" download

Workshop "From data to knowledge, from knowledge to action – The role of science in the Carpathian Convention (with a focus on the Biodiversity Protocol)" - Programme download

What are the implications of the Carpathian Convention in the Carpathian Region? How can the Convention, and in particular its Biodiversity Protocol, be implemented? What is still missing and what is the concrete input that Carpathian science can provide in this process? What are the next steps?

These are the basic questions that have been further explored at the workshop on the Carpathian Convention and its Biodiversity Protocol, organized by the European Academy Bolzano in cooperation with UNEP Vienna - Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention (ISCC). It was intended to be an informal platform of exchange between decision makers involved in the Carpathian Convention process and the Carpathian scientists.

There was a special focus on the SEE Programme BIOREGIO Carpathians project, aimed at implementing the main provisions of the Carpathian Convention Biodiversity Protocol. In particular, the first results of the activities related to the elaboration of a Carpathian Red List of Species and Habitats have been presented.

The presentations were followed by a Round Table moderated by the European Academy Bolzano and to which decision makers, experts, the Science for Carpathians Initiative, and the UNEP Vienna – ISCC participated.

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