WG Climate Change

Eight Meeting of the Working Group on Climate Change





Eight Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Climate Change was held on 6 May 2021 in an online format.


After successful adoption of the Long-term Vision 2030 towards combating climate change in the Carpathians by the Carpathian Convention COP6, the Secretariat together with the WG Climate Change Chair – Hungary, invited the WG Members and stakeholders to a discussion on future journey regarding the implementation of relevant climate actions in the Carpathians in support of the Article 12bis on Climate Change.


In this respect, the meeting deliberated on a WG Climate Change Work Plan 2021 - 2023 - revised version that sets out concrete activities and expected results for the implementation period 2021-2023 with regard to achieving the strategic objectives and related targets of the Long-term Vision. Suggested activities and their wording are selected from the accompanying Implementation Framework 2030that provides overall guidance for the Working Group´s agenda and related Workplans for the upcoming implementation periods starting 2021 up to 2030.


The meeting facilitated an exchange on ongoing/planned projects and initiative that are relevant for the Carpathians or for cooperation with other mountain regions.


Presentations delivered during the meeting:


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