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Eighth Meeting of the Working Group on Sustainable Transport + IENE Workshop

16.05.2018 - 17.05.2018

Budapest, Hungary




Presentations delivered at the WG Sustainable Transport meeting:


The Working Group on Sustainable Transport meeting will be organized back to back to the IENE – (Infra Eco Network Europe) workshop on Sustainable transportation. Please keep in mind that the first part of the IENE Workshop will be held in Hungarian, while the second part in English.


The meeting aims at supporting and enhancing implementation of Articles 8 “Sustainable Transport and infrastructure” of the Carpathian Convention and its Protocol on Sustainable Transport. In relation to this, an expected result of the WG meeting will be discussion on and development of the Transport Strategic Action Plan for the Carpathians. A draft outline of the Action Plan including other relevant key supporting documents, such as the Guidelines on Integrated Transport Development, will be circulated by the Secretariat in due time before the meeting.


This task responds to the Decisions of the Fifth Conference of the Parties, especially Decision COP5/9 para 2. Which recommends “the Working Group on Sustainable Transport, Infrastructure, Industry and Energy (hereinafter WG Transport) with support of the TRANSGREEN project, to develop a Strategic Action Plan for fostering the implementation of the Transport Protocol, invites other Working Groups and relevant stakeholders to support the process”.


For further information about the WG Transport meeting, logistics and the registration form, please check this link: http://www.ceeweb.org/event/iene-workshop-and-carpathian-convention-transport-working-group-meeting/


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