Alpine-Carpathian Exchange Meeting in Vienna

Project partners from the recently completed Alpine Space ECONNECT Project and the ongoing SEE BioREGIO Carpathians project had an exchange meeting to ensure a sustainable knowledge transfer between the Alps and the Carpathians. Both projects focus especially on the enhancement of ecological connectivity across the two mountain regions. Participants discussed the relevance of the ECONNECT project results for the BioREGIO Carpathians project and the possibilities to integrate the project results in the future BioREGIO activities (WP5 – Continuity and connectivity as a basis for WP6+7).
The meeting was initiated, with the generous support of the German Government, by the Alpine Network of Protected Areas - ALPARC - as partner of the ECONNECT project, in cooperation with the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Exchange Meeting and took place on 10 May in Vienna, Austria.

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