Regional cooperation in mountains: from Rio to Rio and beyond

Carpathian Convention participates at Rio+20 Mountain Pavilion conference “Regional cooperation in mountains: from Rio to Rio and beyond”

 "Cooperative action can be strengthened by establishing new or reinforcing existing regional agreements for sustainable mountain development", this is the key message of the event that will take place at the 20 June in the Mountain Pavillon at the Rio+20 conference.

Concrete experiences of existing mountain-specific regional approaches, including Multilateral Environmental Agreements, which can be shared with other mountain regions of the world, and their implementation and impact in the territory under their scope, in particular in the fields of tourism, infrastructure, clean energy and land-use changes, will be presented by the Alpine and the Carpathian Conventions Secretariats representatives and high-level Country representatives. Representatives of the European Commission and the Andean Community will present the importance of regional cooperation in mountain areas and of mountain-specific MEAs from their perspective.

The High-level event follows the informative event organised in New York on 27 April 2012 during the Rio+20 Preparatory Meeting on contributions of regional governance mechanisms for mountain regions to the Rio+20 process. It will take place at the at 20th of June in the Mountain Pavillon which is organised by the Government of Peru in cooperation with many partnerinstitutions and organisations.

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About the Mountain Pavilion

At the initiative of the Government of Peru, a Mountain Pavilion on sustainable mountain development (SMD) will be organized at Rio+20. It aims to secure the political support for concrete SMD activities and programs at Rio+20 and beyond as well as to connect mountain stakeholders worldwide for information sharing, knowledge exchange and improving common SMD actions in the future.

The Mountain Pavilion will provide mountain stakeholders, including the private sector, with a multipurpose space for promoting SMD. Five thematic areas will be highlighted: Adaptation to climate change and disaster reduction, water and mountains, extractive industries and mega-infrastructure investments in mountains, mountain products, food security and sovereignty, and ecosystem services and biodiversity.

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