Cultural heritage of wetlands in Carpathian countries recognised

The Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI) recently published an electronic brochure on Carpathian cultural heritage in wetlands, bringing the results of the first rapid inventory of the cultural values of wetlands in the Carpathian countries.


The short-term study was supported by the MAVA Foundation through the Ramsar Convention Secretariat´s project Conservation of the natural and cultural heritage in wetlands: Global leadership for an integrated approach through the Ramsar Convention”. This project also sought to support the development of wetland cultural trails and sustainable tourism in the Carpathians, and to contribute to the development of the Ramsar Culture Network in the region. 


The readers and experts are invited to make comments and expand the study with additional information using a questionnaire available at the CWI website and this should be sent to the CWI coordinator. 


We hope that the information collected will support both the conservation of the cultural heritage of Carpathian wetlands and its integration into the management of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands.

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