Meet the Carpathian Nature BioBlitz, 13-15 May 2022, ONLINE

Do you want to be a scientist? For a while? And do you want to know what grows or lives around you? We need you!

Join the first bioblitz for Carpathian Protected Areas. The Carpathians are Europe’s last great wilderness area, natural and cultural diversity emblem.

From 13 May to 15 May, researchers, school groups, citizens, wildlife enthusiasts, farmers, and others across the Carpathians are coming together to help document the incredible biodiversity of Carpathian nature by submitting photos and observations of wildlife in their neighborhood protected areas.
We are looking forward to your observations!:-)

For more information, visit the website:

To collect data, download iNaturalist app at the website: 


This event is supported by Visegrad fund and is based on the concept of citizen science. Here is the link to the Facebook event:

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