COP5 - Fifth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention

  Fifth Meeting of the Conference of the Partiesto the Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians(COP5)
*COP5 serves also as a Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological and Landscape Diversity the Protocol on Sustainable Forest Management, the Protocol on Sustainable Tourism.


10th October 2017 (Tuesday)

Climate Change

Inputs by S4C - Science for the Carpathians (Mr. Marcel Mindrescu)
Presentation of the new Article on Climate Change to be introduced to the Carpathian Convention and Priority Actions of its implementation (Mr. Sandor Szalai, on behalf of the Presidency)
Presentation of the Climate Adapt Platform (Ms. Dania Abdul Malak, EEA)
Outlook on climate change adaptation (Secretariat)

Administrative Units

Presentation of information gathered from the Parties (Secretariat)


Inputs by S4C – Science for the Carpathians (Mr. Lubos Halada)
Report on Large Carnivores in the Carpathians and introduction of an idea of the International Action Plan for the conservation and sustainable management for the Carpathian populations of large carnivores (Mr. Cristian Papp, WWF DCP)
Summary of the National Reporting on Implementation of the Biodiversity Protocol (Secretariat)
CNPA and its future activities (Mr. Mircea Vergelet, CNAP Unit)
Presentation of ConnectGREEN and Wild for DC project proposals (Mr. Cristian Papp, WWF and Secretariat)
Presentation of LIFE Green-Go! Carpathians project (Mr. Piort Mikolaczyk, UNEP/GRID Warsaw)
Presentation of 3lynx project (Mr. Martin Strnad)
Presentation of the online platform on Mountain Biodiversity (Secretariat)

11th October 2017 (Wednesday)

Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

Presentation of the new Protocol on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and discussion on future activates (Mr. Christian Hoffman, Eurac Research, S4C)

Sustainable Forest Management

Inputs by S4C - Science for the Carpathians (Mr. Yurij Bihun)
Presentation of the Inventory of Virgin Forest and identification of the Natural Forests in the Carpathians (Ms. Dania Abdul Malak, EEA)

Sustainable Tourism

Inputs by S4C - Science for the Carpathians (Ms. Elena Matei and Mr. Miroslaw Mika)
Presentation of the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform activities related to the implementation of the Tourism Protocol (Ms. Alina Szasz, CSTP)
Presentation of the project - Support to the Elaboration and Implementation of the Tourism Protocol and the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Carpathians (Mr. Michael Meyer, ETE)
Presentation of a Common set of indicators measuring the positive and negative impacts caused by tourism in the Carpathians (Ms. Cinzia de Marzo)
Presentation of the Carpathia Brand (Mr. Dawid Lasek, EUROREGION Karpacki)
Presentation of the V4 Found project - CARPATHIAN TOURISM (Ms. Agnes Szabó-Diószeghy )
Presentation - Future of the Carpathians_Carpathians of the Future (Ms. Monika Ochwat – Marcinkiewicz)
Presentation of a project idea The Great Carpathians” Europe´s longest Mountain bike -Trail Tour for Cyclists (Mr. Walter Hauer )

Cultural Heritage and Traditional Knowledge

Inputs by S4C - Science for the Carpathians (Mr. Zsolt Molnar)
Presentation of the paper World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism in the Carpathians and discussion on the future priorities (Secretariat)

Sustainable Transport

Protocol on Sustainable Transport and related activities, presentation of the TRANSGREEN project and discussion (Ms. Hildegard Meyer, WWF DCP)

Education and awareness raising

Education for Sustainable Development in the Carpathians and discussion (Mr. Andreas Beckmann, WWF DCP)
Presentation of a seminar on environmental and sustainable development education and awareness raising in kindergartens and schools (Mr. Attila Varga on behalf of the Presidency)

Cooperation with other institutions and EU Programmes

Introduction to possible financial mechanisms supporting implementation of the Carpathian Convention :
- International Visegrad Fund (Ms. Beata Jaczewska V4 Fund)
- Danube Transnational Programme (Ms. Alessandra Pala, JTS Danube Programme)
- Central Europe (Ms. Monika Schönerklee-Grasser, JTS Central Europe)
- Life+, Horizon2020, Interreg Europe (Mr. Giacomo Luciani, EU Commission)
Cooperation with EUSDR – presentation on progress (Secretariat)
Cooperation with Alpine Convention (Ms. Taja Ferjančič Lakota, Alpine Convention)
Cooperation with ICPDR and presentation of the Jointisza project (Mr. Ivan Zavadsky, ICPDR)
Cooperation with the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (Mr. Klaus Haklander, CIC)

12th October 2017 (Thursday)

Progress in the implementation of the Carpathian Convention (Secretariat)
Future of the Carpathians (Mr. Andreas Beckmann, WWF DCP) - presentation / speech
Presentation of the Pan- Carpathian expeditions (Mr. Jerzy Montusiewicz, Mr. ANDREI DUMITRESCU, Mr. VLAD SPIRU)

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