Renewing our cooperation with the CBD and the Alpine Convention

A new Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the Carpathian Convention, the Alpine Convention and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was introduced at the 7th Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention, which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 11 to 13 October.

The renewed Memorandum builds upon the initial agreement inked by these three conventions in May 2008. The update reflects the principles outlined in the new Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, highlighting the shared commitment of these conventions to enhance collaboration and synergies in their collective undertakings.

The Alpine and Carpathian Conventions boast a long history of fruitful collaboration in the domains of environmental preservation and sustainable development within their respective mountain regions. This synergy is fortified by their reciprocal Observer status in each other’s governing bodies, which facilitates a consistent flow of information concerning ongoing issues and activities. Furthermore, experts from the working groups of both conventions regularly exchange knowledge and participate in each other’s meetings. The conservation of mountain biodiversity has been a pivotal focus of their cooperative efforts, with numerous joint events held on this theme in recent years.

The new MoC is geared toward harmonizing biodiversity activities in the Alps and Carpathians with the freshly established Global Biodiversity Framework. Additionally, it aims to heighten global awareness of the significance of mountain biodiversity and the challenges associated with its conservation, especially in the context of the CBD’s review of the Programme of Work on Mountain Biodiversity.

The conventions intend to implement the MoC by contributing to global mountain initiatives, such as the “Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions” (2023-2027) and by engaging in exchanges with other mountain regions worldwide, such as the Andes and the Hindu Kush Himalaya. This effort is intended to amplify the collective voice of mountain regions on global environmental matters.

Jamal Annagylyjova, CBD Secretariat representative underscored the significance of regional implementation of the GBF and highlighted the pivotal role played by the Carpathian and Alpine Conventions in this regard, acting as effective vehicles for facilitating implementation.

Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, expressed the necessity of aligning regional biodiversity protection with global actions, emphasizing the importance of political coordination and a shared vision. She underscored that the renewed Memorandum of Cooperation will assist the Alps and the Carpathians in attaining global conservation objectives and aims to serve as an inspiration to other mountain regions across the world.

Harald Egerer, Head of the Carpathian Convention Secretariat, emphasized the crucial role played by the Alpine and Carpathian Conventions, being the sole legally binding mountain agreements, in enhancing collaboration with other mountain regions but also amplifying the significance of the mountainous perspective in global environmental agendas. The trilateral Memorandum serves as a powerful instrument in supporting these objectives.

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