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Working Group on Biodiversity

The Working Group on Biodiversity (WG Biodiversity) is on a mission to conserve and sustain the rich biological and landscape diversity in the Carpathian region. The group is determined to support the parties of the Carpathian Convention in implementing key provisions of the convention, such as Article 4 on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. 

To achieve this goal, the WG Biodiversity leads and directs various activities and initiatives related to biodiversity conservation. These include the implementation of the Protocol on Biodiversity and the Strategic Action Plan for its implementation, the International Action Plan on Conservation of Large Carnivores, and other relevant decisions and programs of the Carpathian Convention. 

The WG Biodiversity does not work in isolation, but actively collaborates with other working groups of the Carpathian Convention to ensure that biodiversity considerations are integrated in all aspects of the Convention’s activities. This cross-functional collaboration will result in a more holistic approach to biodiversity conservation and enhance synergies among the WGs. 

Finally, the WG Biodiversity is committed to supporting the implementation of global and EU policies and processes related to biodiversity conservation, including the Convention on Biological Diversity, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. By doing so, the WG Biodiversity is contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its associated Sustainable Development Goals.  

The WG Biodiversity was established by the decision COP1/4 para 1 of the First Conference of the Parties (COP1) to the Carpathian Convention in 2006.  

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