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Bucegi Mountains in Romania by Anamaria Alexandra Aldea

Working Group on Cultural Heritage 

The mandate of the Working Group on Cultural Heritage (WG Cultural Heritage) entails dedicating efforts towards the preservation and promotion of both cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of the local people. To realize this mission, the WG Cultural Heritage is committed to supporting international initiatives aimed at conserving and promoting cultural diversity throughout the Carpathian region. Furthermore, it seeks to facilitate dialogue and cooperation among various Carpathian regions, sub-regions and communities. 

Another crucial aspect of the WG Cultural Heritage’s responsibilities is to explore the linkages and interconnectedness of culture, cultural heritage and the environment. This involves exploring how cultural heritage and traditional knowledge can effectively contribute to the conservation and sustainable utilization of the Carpathian’s rich biodiversity. 

The WG Cultural Heritage was established by the decision COP1/6 para 2 of the First Conference of the Parties (COP1) to the Carpathian Convention in 2006. 

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