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Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

The Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (WG SARD) is dedicated to maintaining the sustainable management of traditionally cultivated land in the Carpathians, and support taking appropriate measures in formulating and implementing agricultural policies that consider the protection of mountain ecosystems and landscapes, the importance of biological diversity, and specific challenges posed by mountainous regions, recognizing their status as less favored areas.  

WG SARD aims at aiding the Carpathian Convention’s Parties in their joint efforts to realize the objectives of Article 7 on sustainable agriculture and rural development, as well as other relevant Articles within the Convention. To advance this agenda, the WG SARD initiates and leads an array of activities associated with sustainable agricultural practices and rural development. The implementation of the Protocol on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, adopted in 2017 during COP5, shall be a cornerstone of these efforts. 

In fostering collaboration, WG SARD shall harmonize its endeavors with other Working Groups within the Carpathian Convention. This cross-sectoral cooperation will infuse sustainable agricultural and rural development considerations into diverse sectors, fostering synergies and facilitating the exchange of crucial insights. 

While conducting its activities, WG SARD will ensure alignment with pertinent global and EU policies and initiatives. This includes due attention to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, the forward-thinking European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy, and the transformative UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Additionally, WG SARD will actively contribute to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda, particularly those concerning food security, nutritional enhancement, and the advancement of sustainable agriculture. 

The WG SARD was established by the decision COP1/7 para 3 of the First Conference of the Parties (COP1) to the Carpathian Convention in 2006. 

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