Happy International Mountain Day!

Today, as we celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty and ecological significance of mountains worldwide, let’s shine a spotlight on the importance of restoration of mountain ecosystems, the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day on 11 December

🌲 Ecological Restoration for Mountain Resilience:

On this International Mountain Day, we acknowledge not only the beauty but also the fragility of mountain ecosystems, including the Carpathian Mountains. Ecological restoration takes center stage as a critical component of sustaining the health and resilience of these majestic landscapes.

🔄 Reversing Degradation:

The Carpathians, like many mountainous regions, have faced challenges such as deforestation, soil erosion, and the impacts of unsustainable land use. The Carpathian Convention actively supports and promotes restoration initiatives aimed at reversing these forms of environmental degradation. By restoring degraded areas, we can enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

🌿 Biodiversity Conservation through Restoration:

Restoration efforts in the Carpathians go hand in hand with biodiversity conservation. As we celebrate the diverse array of plant and animal species that call the Carpathians home, it’s crucial to recognize that restoration plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining suitable habitats for these species. This, in turn, contributes to the overall health and balance of the ecosystem.

🌍 Global Significance of Mountain Restoration:

Mountains are often referred to as the “water towers” of the world, providing essential ecosystem services such as freshwater supply. Restoration in the Carpathians has far-reaching implications, not only for the local communities but also for downstream regions. Healthy mountain ecosystems contribute to water quality, carbon sequestration, and climate regulation on a global scale.

🤲 Community-Led Restoration Initiatives:

Engaging local communities in restoration efforts is a cornerstone of the Carpathian Convention’s approach. By involving residents in tree planting, habitat restoration, and sustainable land management practices, the Convention fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among those who call the Carpathians their home.

🔗 Linking Restoration to Sustainable Development:

The Carpathian Convention recognizes that ecological restoration goes hand in hand with sustainable development. By restoring ecosystems, we not only safeguard biodiversity but also create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, eco-friendly tourism, and resilient communities.

🌱 Join the Restoration Movement:

This International Mountain Day, let’s not only celebrate the magnificence of the Carpathian Mountains but also commit to being active participants in the restoration movement. Whether through tree planting initiatives, supporting local conservation projects, or advocating for policies that promote ecological restoration, each of us can contribute to the long-term health and vitality of mountain ecosystems.

🏞️🌍 Happy International Mountain Day!

As we raise our voices in celebration of the International Mountain Day, let’s echo the importance of restoration in ensuring the future of the Carpathian Mountains. By embracing ecological restoration, we embark on a journey towards a sustainable and resilient future for these iconic landscapes.

Happy International Mountain Day to all, and may the Carpathians continue to stand as a testament to the beauty and resilience of our planet’s mountainous regions!

On this occasion, a new publication jointly developed by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat at FAO and UNEP, analyses several mountain ecosystem restoration projects and recommends how the UN Decade’s Ten Principles for Ecosystem Restoration can be applied to mountain ecosystems. Mountain restoration success stories from initiatives that have been selected or shortlisted as the UN Decade’s World Restoration Flagships are also highlighted. As the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day 2023 is “Restoring Mountain Ecosystems”, this publication provides an important contribution, in addition to celebrating the Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions 2023–2027.

See the publication: “Restoring mountain ecosystems: Challenges, case studies and recommendations for implementing the UN Decade Principles for Mountain Ecosystem Restoration

Photo: Piatra-Craiului-National-Park-at-suset-Romania_Mircea-Verghelet
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