Happy World Wetlands Day!

🌊Happy World Wetlands Day!🌊

Today, we celebrate the incredible diversity and importance of Carpathian wetlands, representing a mosaic of ecosystems, including springs, floodplains, rivers, peatlands, and more!

Wetlands are one of the shared habitats that link all seven countries. Cooperation and joint efforts are critical for conserving and wisely using wetlands so they can continue contributing to human well-being and ecological health.

Photo of Orava River Ramsar Site in Slovakia by Jaroslav Kosalpl

Wetlands and human wellbeing is the theme for World Wetlands Day 2024. This year’s campaign spotlights how interconnected wetlands and human life are with people drawing sustenance, inspiration and resilience from these productive ecosystems. 

Human wellbeing is irrevocably tied to the state of the world’s wetlands. But wetlands must be healthy if they are to continue to provide us with water and food, support biodiversity, provide livelihoods, protect against extreme weather events, and mitigate against climate change. In other words:

  • Investing in the sustainable use of wetlands means investing in the future of humanity.
  • Wetlands can provide cities and their residents with multiple economic, social and cultural benefits that support human wellbeing.
  • Wetland restoration is essential to overcoming the climate-biodiversity crisis and to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of all people.

Visit the website at www.worldwetlandsday.org to explore the resources in support of World Wetlands Day.

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