Carpathian Convention COP7 Survey

As we reflect on the past two decades of the Carpathian Convention, we would like your feedback and inputs on assessing progress, inspiring action, and shaping the future.

We would like to know your perspectives on:

  • main achievements of the Carpathian Convention
  • suggested future priorities for the Carpathian Convention
  • potential projects and activities that the Carpathian Convention can support
The Carpathian Convention provides an open forum for discussion between various stakeholders; a framework for transnational cooperation across sectors; and a platform for developing and implementing transnational strategies, programmes, and projects for the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathian region.

Stakeholders are crucial in implementing the Carpathian Convention. Thus, the Secretariat of the Convention is providing stakeholders many opportunities to share their invaluable experience, expertise and ideas at the COP7, and this short survey is one of these various opportunities for gathering such inputs.
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